Friday, 10 August 2018

Designing A Logo

Today in Ms Chowfin's class we learnt how to change the Google logo on Scratch. We could change the colours, add backgrounds and lots of other things.
Here is the logo I designed. We are learning how to use design principles.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Refugee Guided Text

Guided Text: “The Nowhere Land Where Children On The Move Are Someone Else's Problem”
by Sarah Crowe - UNICEFImage result for peugeot 404

Pre-read discussion
What is a Peugeot 404? A car

What is the difference between a migrant, a refugee and an asylum seeker?
A migrant is people or a person that has left their country(not because of violence or persecution)
 because they want to live in another country with better jobs, laws and living conditions.
Asylum seekers are people running from danger, violence and political issues.
 A refugee is is some fleeing from a country normally from violence and has been accepted into
a refugee camp or into the country.

Where is Niger?  Niger is in west Africa. Where is the Sahara? The Sahara is in Sudan, Eritrea,
Yemen,, Benin, Libya, Chad, Mali, Morocco, Tunisia, Niger, Algeria and Egypt. It takes up most
of the countries.  How big is the Sahara compared to New Zealand? The Sahara is 34.325668511
times bigger than New Zealand.

The purpose of this text is to tell us about how hard it is for children refugees or migrants to survive.
Children refugees are trying to make it across the barren Sahara desert to make it to the
mediterranean sea border to pay to get across to Europe.
The author is biased because she has used clines to make it sound horrible and to make
their journey sound daunting.  

DLO Algebra Rules

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Refugee Self Selected Text

We will have met the success criteria when we
  • Can work out the meaning of new vocabulary.  

  • Locate information within a text.

Make connections between ideas

  • Synthesize and summarize key ideas

  • Make links between our own lives and the lives of others

One of the biggest nightmares for Syrian mothers and families is losing your children,
because of the cold. Iman was forced to escape Aleppo with her four children.
When she thought they were safe, they suddenly became threatened, with the cold!

Decreasing temperatures did not help Iman's family.
Their makeshift place of shelter couldn't protect them from the harsh
cold winds and bitter snow storms of winter. Freezing cold, wet and uncomfortable
and with no warm dry clothing, Iman and her children were in a problem far from help.
Iman's baby froze to death as she desperately tried to warm its milk.
A few weeks later her only daughter died as well. Very weak from hunger
and cold from the nipping frosty days and the swirling winds, Iman and her
two surviving boys were unable to fight sickness that came with living in a cold, damp shelter.

Another deadly winter faces the countless families that have been living in makeshift tents
and shelters that are exposed to cold, snow and ice. Over 1.5 million children live through
unsurvivable temperatures, with absolutely no way of keeping warm and dry.
Children don't have coats, gloves, scarves or anything that will keep them warm -
some even have to walk barefoot in the freezing cold snow. Without blankets and warm clothing,
the children living in this hard time will struggle to survive.

Iman and her two living sons now live in a camp for people who have escaped their
towns within Syria. With UNICEF supporting the people in the camps they now have
warm and dry clothing, blankets, food and water and any medicine they need.

My life is very different from Iman and her family, and all the other people that are in the
same situation. I have a warm house to live in and lots of clothes and belongings,
which none of these people have! Everyday I have food and water and I live in a very
safe environment. I also get education, which lots of the children in these situations don’t have or get.

Monday, 25 June 2018

Narrative Persephone


In the year 5b2021 AD the sun became a red giant, consuming Mercury,
Venus and finally approaching Earth. Everything was gone.
People had been consumed by the heat and had died. The water was gone.
The only live organisms left were five humans.

Savannah was thirteen years old. She had worried for years what
would happen to Earth, and now it was too late to do anything.
She was thirsty and knew she wouldn’t be able to live for much longer.
The land stretched out in front of her. It had once looked a beautiful land.
New Zealand had been one of the most beautiful places on Earth.
Now it was one big dry space. Brown and dusty.
The seas and oceans had dried up and now the sun would grow so
big that it would swallow Earth up.

“Hurry up Savannah. Quick,” Savannah’s mother looked anxious.
The teleportation device was ready. For years Savannah’s Dad had worked
with his two most trusted friends, Dr Karl Gregg and Dr Amy Lawrence.
They were scientists, working to make a device that would take them to
another livable planet, Persephone.

They had found the planet by complete accident.
While searching with huge computers and telescopes they had found it.
A planet with flowing water and lush green trees.
A planet that had the same breathable air and oxygen that Earth once had.
Savannah’s dad had sadly died from the suffering heat,
so Dr’s G and L had worked on the project. Now it was ready.
The device was teleportation, and they were now ready to go.

Savannah’s eyes scanned the Earth for one last time.
Her bright blue eyes filled with tears. The doors shut and Earth was
gone from view. Savannah’s younger brother, Jasper was standing
close to their mother. His light brown matted hair sticked to his sweaty forehead.
 Everyone was hot and almost burnt to crisp. The glass on Dr Lawrence’s horn
rimmed glasses were cracked from the heat and Dr Gregg’s face was one big
frown. It always was. He was always so serious and could never take a joke.
Dr G and L’s two robots, Robot 180 and Robot 880 were sitting motionless on
the floor of the teleportation device. Dr Gregg’s hand stretched for the switch.
Savannah clutched for her mother's hand. If this went wrong, they would all die.
His hand hit the switch.
Savannah’s heart thumped hard against her chest like horses hooves
galloping across a field. Well, horses were gone, long gone.

The next thing Savannah knew was that she was stepping
dizzily out onto a planet. At first she thought she was dreaming
about what Earth used to be like, except this Earth seemed much more
cleaner, as if no human had touched it. Even though Earth and
New Zealand were very pretty, Earth was NOT clean!
It was polluted and this Earth wasn’t.

She looked about and saw that her family,
the two scientists and two robots were standing together looking at the
scenery. The wide rain forest covered the land. Different greens
blended into one another to make a stunning picture.
Vines hung down from branches and the sound of trickling
water brought the human life to a flowing, clear, crystal blue river.
Rocks, covered in moss lined the riverbed.

As soon as the humans saw the water they raced quickly down to
the riverside for a drink. Savannah was the fastest of the group and
swiftly sprinted ahead. She knelt down, cupped her hands and drank
to her heart's content. She splashed water on her face and was surprised
to find her burnt face instantly healed. She dangled her legs in the water
and found that the crusty black burns were gone. She turned to see that
all of the other humans were looking normal too.
“Magic healing powers, this water has,” Dr Lawrence said,
seeing the puzzled look on Savannah’s face.
The sky was blue and no clouds were in sight.
Dr Lawrence’s computer was out in a flash.
“Oops! I forgot that there is no technology on this beautiful, untouched land.”
She grinned and tucked her computer into her shoulder bag.
“Welcome to Persephone”, She said, “We’ve made it!”

The Abbots, Dr Lawrence and Gr Gregg walked slowly through the forest.
Dr Gregg wanted to find a place to make camp.
‘Well, it wouldn’t be much of a camp,’ Savannah thought,
‘just a clearing were we can lie down on the ground and get some rest.’

They walked on through to the heart of the forest.
They could still hear water rushing, Persephone had lots of rivers and streams.
Everywhere you went there was some sort of river.
The sound of Mrs Abbots voice brought Savannah back to reality.
“Jasper! Stop dawdling this instant! If I lose you in this forest I will never
forgive myself, or you!”
Jasper obediently walked beside Mrs Abbot.
“I thought I heard something up ahead. It sounded like music and
people talking.”

“Rubbish,” Mrs Abbot was getting annoyed, “There is no such thing!
We are the only life on this planet!” Dr Lawrence tutted loudly.
“We don’t know that, Maria. In fact… my data that I analysed last year
showed signs of life, very clear to!” Mrs Abbot frowned but said nothing.
She walked faster to catch up with the scientists and took Jasper’s hand.
“You can stay close to me,” she said. Savannah could tell she was worried.

Suddenly the forest stopped. A huge clearing appeared and a sweet note
of music came from one of the trees. Everyone stopped. Something moved
in the bushes and Jasper screamed. Savannah was just about to tell her
brother to be quiet when she gasped. An animal was walking towards them.
It was part human and part animal. Its head was of an animal and its body
was of a human. Robot 180 and Robot 880 maneuvered over to the ‘thing’.
They hovered over the ground and started taking data and photos of the ‘thing’.
“Humanimal,” Robot 180’s computerized voice broke the silence,
“A Humanimal is a gentle and kind creature to strangers that has the
body of an human and a head of a animal. They speak in ‘Animalian’
which sounds like music. They also can speak English.”

“English, that can’t be?,” Jasper looked confused,
“But they don’t even know …” His voice trailed off as a whole
colony of Humanimals appeared from the trees.
The first Humanimal they had seen had a head of a bear and the
body of a man.

He bowed low and said in perfect English, “Welcome strangers,
to my humble dwelling”. He smiled and said something in Animalian.
It sounded so sweet and so beautiful. A lady with the head of a bear
and the body of a woman smiled. She was wearing a navy dress and
a big red and white apron.

“I am Mrs Bearess and you I suppose are humans. Our Wingdoms
told us that you had arrived. We knew you would be coming.
Our Wingdoms know everything.”

An animal the size of a shetland pony trotted quickly to
Mrs Bearess’s side. It was white and had blue spots on it. It had
blue transparents wings and had little black beady eyes. It looked
a bit like a lady bug, but a huge one! “This is a Wingdom. This one's
name is Bluey. He’s mine.”
Bluey flew gracefully around their heads and then flew off into the distance.
“Come to our place, to our town.”

Dr Gregg nodded and followed the Humanimals. “I think we will be safe.
The Robots said they were gentle and kind to strangers. I think I will put
my faith in the Robots and follow them. I need some food and a place to rest.”
Mrs Abbot and Dr Lawrence nodded, except Savannah noticed that
they both looked anxious.

They walked quietly behind the Humanimals Jasper and Savannah looked
at all the different types of animal heads. There were bears, goats, mice,
rabbits, badgers, foxes, lions and lots more. Mrs Bearess smiled at Savannah
and Jasper. “What is your name and age young man?” enquired Mrs Bearess.
“Jasper Abbot and my age is 11,” “And yours?” Savannah smiled.
“Savannah Abbot. I’m 13.”

Mrs Bearess smiled. She told Jasper and Savannah that she had three
children about their age. “I have two boys and a girl. Laila(she’s 12) is my
lovely girl and the boys are Boris(he’s 10), and Bentley(he’s 11).”
She smiled and then chanted something in Animalian.
Then every Humanimal chanted a melody in Animalian.
Their voices were responded by another choir of voices.

The humans watched in disbelief. About a hundred Humanimals were
appearing from the bushes. Before them was another ginormous clearing
of rainforest. Oak and maple trees were dotted around the clearing and
huge vine rope swing bridges joined the trees together. Big huts and little
cottages were in the trees and at the foot of the trees. A young girl bear
Humanimal ran up and hugged Mrs Bearess.

“Mum,” she squealed, “Bluey brought word that you had found them!”
She rushed up and hugged Mr Bearess. “Hi Dad!” Two boys rushed up
and squeezed their parents too. “Mrs Abbot, Miss Abbot, Master Abbot,
Dr Gregg and Dr Lawrence, I am very proud to present my three charming
children to you.” Mrs Bearess smiled proudly as the three children smiled
and said “Hello”. The girl and the two boys introduced themselves as Laila,

Bentley and Boris. Very soon the five Humans and the two robots had made
themselves at home at what the Humanimals called their little town, ‘Animalia’.

One morning, three months later, Savannah and Jasper raced from their
house in the trees, down the vine rope bridges and down the winding wooden
steps that wound itself round a tree to the ground.
“Be careful!”, Mrs Abbot cried, “and don’t forget to give the note to Mrs Ratly!”

“We won’t!” Jasper cried as they ran across the ground to the foot of a big oak.
A little cottage was at the foot of the tree. A big sign hung down from the roof
with the words “Ratly’s General Store” engraved on it. Savannah and Jasper
hurriedly rushed into the small shop puffing and panting loudly.

A smiling rat Humanimal hustled a small ‘ratling’ out of the shop. “Mrs Ratly,
mum gave me this note to hand to you. It’s got an order for some material.”
Savannah handed the note over and Mrs Ratly peered at it. She was just
about to say something when a loud roar came from the mountains on the
west side of Animalia. Jasper and Savannah both turned quickly to see what
had made the noise.

Humanimals were running all over the place. A little Humanimal boy put his
head in the door of the shop and screamed “He’s coming, quick! Run!
He’s coming!” the little boy rushed of screaming. In all the confusion Mrs Ratly
had disappeared. Savannah shrugged and roughly pulled Jasper out of the
shop. “Comon! Mum will be waiting,” Savannah nearly yelled to be heard over
the loud roars in the distant and the screaming Humanimals.
Out of the corner of Savannah’s eye she saw Dr Lawrence and
Dr Gregg running from their tree houses.

“Savannah! Jasper! Boy am I glad to see you!
Your mum is wanting to know where you are.”
Dr Gregg and Dr Lawrence grabbed at Savannah and Jasper’s arms
and dragged them to the nearest shop in sight. Mrs Abbot was there
and a couple of blankets and some food were in her arms.
Two older Humanimal men started talking to Dr Gregg.
The men told everyone to sit down and they explained what was happening.

An hour later Savannah and Jasper understood nearly everything.
“So these Hexoid thingys want to eat us all up?” Jasper was sort of confused.
So for another hour the two Humanimals patiently explained that Hexoids
were the most dangerous thing and the only dangerous thing in Persephone.

“Only one is left. They became extinct when we, Humanimals, found out the
secret of blue fire. Blue fire is a magical fire that happens when a supplejack
vine is split in two and is put in a ‘red’ fire. It burns up and blue liquid spills out.
It soon turns into blue fire. Blue fire is very dangerous to living organisms that
have acaulon skin.

Acaulon skin can come in colours such as purple, green or black. Hexoids
have acaulon for their skin. We had bows and arrows already, but when we
had the secret of blue fire we were undefeated. One day only one Hexoid
was left, and that was the day it left. We thought it must of gone, died. But
obviously not! A Hexoid is a dangerous creature that has sharp spikes down
its back that are filled with poison and would wound anything that touched them.
They cannot breath fire, but they have sharp teeth that crunch anything in
one snap of their jaws. They have six legs and have very sharp tipped wings.

Hexoids are the loudest and noisiest creatures in the whole of Persephone.
They roar really loudly!"As soon as they had finished talking about Hexoids
a loud roar sounded from west hills. Both the Humanimals started talking
at once. “This Hexoid, the last one alive wants revenge on us! It wants
to kill you! That is why it is roaring. We have not heard its beastly roar
since 20,000 Animalia, five whole years ago!” We must get up there and
try to kill it, or you will constantly be in hiding trying to get away from it!”

A day later Savannah and Jasper were sitting in the vast rainforest of
Persephone. Mr Bearess, Dr Gregg, Jasper and Savannah were on a
mission to kill the last Hexoid. Mrs Abbot had told Savannah she wasn’t
to go, but Savannah had asked and asked, and Mrs abbot finally agreed to
let her go. Now she and Jasper were sitting in the middle of a forest collecting
suplejack to take back to a fire that Dr Gregg had made. Jasper’s knife
slashed viciously through a long vine of suplejack. “Why did I have to come,”
he whined, “I hate this! I absolutely hate this!” He scowled and threw his bundle
of suplejack on the ground and struck his knife into a tree. Savannah laughed.
“Stop sulking. It will be fun, an adventure!” Jasper’s face was growing even
more furious. Savannah turned around giggling and then screamed!

Picking up the knife’s she wrenched Jasper’s hand and ran. Her grip
tightened around Jasper’s wrist as their legs flew. Jasper stumbled and fell.
All Savannah could do was pull his body along the ground. He got up and
they both sprinted ahead. The bush was even more dense than before,
and the surroundings more unfamiliar. Savannah’s head struck a log that
was hanging out over the track. Everything went black and Savannah felt
herself sinking. Down… down… down. ‘Oh no! What if I never see mum again.
Or Jasper? Or Laila?’ Words and thoughts flashed through Savannah’s mind.
Then everything was gone.

Jasper’s hand gripped Savannah’s limb arm as he looked about his
surroundings. They were on a rough mountain peak, along a ridge line
of tussock. Jasper’s legs gave way suddenly and he fell to the ground.
He stretched his legs on the warm ground of the mountain and checked he
still had the two knives. Any moment now the hexoid would arrive.
Earlier they had been chased by a hexoid and that was when Savannah
had crashed against a leaning widowmaker and had blacked out.
Savannah’s face was a bloodless white and she was breathing softly.
Jasper checked her pulse and heartbeat a few times,
just to check that she was still alive.  

Savannah’s head swirled. She opened her eyes and then closed them again.
She suddenly sat up and cried, “Jasper, the hexoid.” Jasper smiled nervously.
“It’s gone now. It will be back soon though!” He picked up the knives and
handed one to Savannah. Savannah smiled and said thanks. “My head is
one big blur. Well at least it feels like it!” Her face was starting to get its
colour back. Jasper nodded. “After you fell I grabbed your arm and pulled
you into the bush. I put you on my back and carried you up to the edge of the
tussock range. I didn’t realize I took us this far. I think Animalia is over there.”
Jasper pointed his finger at a distance off patch of rainforest and then sat
down beside Savannah.

They could see the whole of Persephone as lay on the spongy ground of
the tussock land. “Where did the hexoid go?,” Savannah enquired, “didn’t
it follow you?” Jasper shook his head and took a drink from the water bottle
he had taken with him. “Nup… it left.” Savannah nodded slowly and looked
at the scenery. “Oh, and another thing. How will we get home?
Where are Mr Bearess and Dr Gregg?” Jasper shrugged.
“Duno…” Savannah got up. “Well, let's get the hexoid!” “WHAT!!!,”
Jasper explained, “you can’t! You just got knocked out! You need more rest.
What's more, I am certainly not going!”

A few hours later Savannah, and a very reluctant looking Jasper,
tiptoed up to the cave in which the hexoid lived in. Savannah,
who was very agile and could climb anything, leapt up onto the side of the
cave wall, swiftly climbed up it and crept onto the mossy roof.
Jasper stared uneasily at the climb and then started to gingerly climb the
first metre. He had only gotten one third of the metre when a loud roar
sounded from inside the cave. A huge mossy green beast walked out
of the cave, its purple, clear eyes gleaming with delight. It thumped slowly
over to Jasper. Savannah crouched down on the roof so that she couldn’t
be seen. She could see the fear on Jasper’s face and she knew he was
going to faint. ‘Oh no. He’s had this happen to him before. What is he blacks out.
There'll be trouble!

Savannah’s mind whirled. Jasper was shaking like a leaf now.
CRASH! Jasper had fallen to the ground. Swiftly and silently
Savannah moved. She crept behind the hexoid and stabbed it in the back
with her knife. It didn’t work. It had only attracted the attention of the hexoid.
At least he’s not going to kill Jasper! He’ll kill me now!’

Savannah skillfully dodged the beast and then saw some suplejack
lying on the ground a little further on. She sprinted down to the edge
of the tussock land, picked up the suplejack and ran back to where the
hexoid was. As she ran she split the suplejack with Jasper’s knife.
The hexoid was now so distracted trying to pull her knife out of his back
that she could run easily into his cave, throw the suplejack into the fire
and watch it turn into blue fire.

The hexoid could never get the knife out of his back, it was to far up
his neck, and all of his six legs would never reach.
Savannah grabbed a stick and poked it in the fire.
Blue flames flickered at the end of the stick.
Savannah swirled round raised the stick above her head and threw
it at the hexoid. She kept throwing sticks at the hexoid with blue fire
on the end of them until a rock from the cave came down on her arm,
causing her to fall to the ground. Then everything was gone.

The sounds of laughing, chatting and sweet music brought Savannah back.
The smell of curry wafted through the flapping curtains and into the room.
Savannah saw that she was in her bed in her hut. Jasper was somewhere
playing on the vine rope bridges with his friends and Mrs Abbot was talking
with Mrs Bearess, Dr Lawrence, Dr Gregg and a couple of other people.
“MUM!” Savannah rolled out of bed and raced across the floor, nearly
suffocating her mum in a ginormous hug. Her arm had a big blue and
purple bruise, and it felt limb and heavy. Her mum and Dr Lawrence
hugged her and said over and over again she was a hero and a brave girl.
“You killed the last hexoid! Animalia is safe, and so is Persephone!”

A week later Savannah hardly even thought of it as a brave deed,
only a little thing to do. The hexoid didn’t at all seem as dangerous
as she had thought it was. Mr Bearess had told her that it was
because it was old and frail, not at all like it used to be. Savannah
just smiled and said nothing, though she thought they had probably
not been that dangerous at all, even if they were young.
Maybe they had been so dangerous to the Humanimals because
the Humanimals hadn’t defended themselves, or known what to do.
But now nothing ever worried Savannah again.
She just lived a perfectly normal life, well almost perfectly normal
because it was after all, PERSEPHONE!